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Name: CapCut for PC
Size: 64 MB
Compatibility: All Versions of Windows
Category: Video Making and Editing
Language: English – (US)
Security: Tested – Virus Free
Downloads: 1,800,000+

This era of social media has given a platform to promote everyone and anyone to live the dream opportunity of becoming an influencer. You never know when your moves will become a viral sensation. Believe it or not, the credit goes to your talent and skills; at the same time, your video-making and editing skills also play a significant part in your success.

If you are reading this, it may be that you have used many video editing apps, but they do not have the advanced features you are looking for. You are at the right place as we introduce CapCut, one of the best video editing apps that can be used efficiently on the phone and run on a Windows PC. CapCut makes it possible in minutes with holistic video editing features that make your videos more professional, and your content is ready to speak volumes. Now you can enjoy it on PC. Let’s understand how to download CapCut for PC.

CapCut- The Video Editing App for Mobile and PC

CapCut is an updated version of Viamaker, an inclusive video editing app that was used long ago. This update has made the app a favorite, as you can enjoy enormous editing features over the CapCut app

Making HD videos is the most amazing feature, making it the first choice for all video makers. Add, trim, adjust, cut clips, add different text or emojis, and enjoy a professional video outcome using your favorite sound in your video. With the wide library of music options, CapCut allows adding sound that you love. This app will leave you to make a pro, how? Well, download and try the amazing filters and beauty aspects of the CapCut video editing app for free and make your viewer love your videos. The best video editing app for video makers whether they use it over a phone or a Windows PC, the user interface is easy to use and offers many options. 

CapCut App- A Brief Intro

CapCut video editing app is the perfect application to bring your ideas to life and show them to the world. If you are looking for a video editing app for a beginner or an editing expert, Capcut App suits you all. You can enjoy the app’s fast features and special effects; there’s nothing to learn in advance. It is more than just a video editor but an intuitive application for video editors to boost the flow of creativity and increase productivity. Spice up your videos now with amazing filters, texts, and sounds in one Capcut app. What used to take time and do everything in various apps is now possible with only one simple application taking you to the next level- Cheers to CapCut! 


If you are a Tik-Tok lover, an insta influencer, or a YouTube blogger, the craze of videos has not been any of the platforms untouched and made social media a more competitive platform. Everyone wants to become an influencer and create unique content that goes viral in minutes. CapCut app holds your hand to cross through this competition and offers instant options and sharing buttons without compromising the quality.

CapCut App- Specifications

Get all the related information about the CapCut app and download this masterpiece in a few clicks from the app store or using the Capcut apk. This 100% secured application allows you to enjoy it without any data leakage and more importantly, without losing the video quality. 

Easy Capcut app makes video editing easier than ever. Come and create the perfect videos that you will love to share. You must be wondering what features Capcut comes up with. How many people would want this video editing application that will run smoothly with mobile phones and PCs with full versatility and reliability? We are going to cover all you need to know about Cap cut video editor-

  • Free to use-The number one go-to-buy USP is that this amazing app comes with no money. You can use the app for free with all the features and latest updates available.
  • Multiple controls-Capcut app allows you to cut, trim, reverse, adjust, and spin your content to the fullest to make it more effective and professional. All these controls are easy to handle anyone from newbies to pros can use them without difficulty. All thanks to its simple graphic UI and well-defined menu. The user allowance is when you are online; then, you can use all the features. Why? Because most of the time, when you are using an offline video editing application, if you somehow came out of the application, all your changes are lost, and you have no other way but to start from scratch again. Online video editor Capcut saves you from this hassle and saves every single change every time, and gives you a final product that outperforms.
  • No advertisement-Surely, unwanted advertisements make you go crazy no matter what application you use. Hang on! Cap cut app doesn’t come up with ad pop-ups while using it. This makes the app more user-friendly and allows quick editing. 
  • Advanced features and filters-A variety of high-quality filters available on the CapCut video editor makes it more appealing to users. Basic, dreamy, band, vintage, magical, and beauty effects add an aesthetic touch to videos and allow you to improve your video quality. You can also add two videos with the CapCut app. You can get stunning results with the multiple text font and sticker options in the app. 
  • Music library-When it comes to adding music to the videos, there may be chances that some video editing apps come up with minimal music options to select from, but with the Capcut app, you get a wide range of music libraries available for all tastes and styles. You also get a chance to use music from your list to use in your video. 
  • No watermark-One of the most popular advancements the Capcut app has. As it doesn’t leave any watermark through the length of your video and hence retains the originality of the video. It’s just when it reflects its name in the end, but you get all the credit for your creativity. This makes CapCut video editor a user’s first choice. 
  • Security-Many users worry about their data getting spammed or leaked, but CapCut is a secured app that gives you high-quality results even after multiple editing strokes. 


“Barring the above-mentioned features, the biggest USP of the CapCut app is that it doesn’t leave any watermark of your video.”

Yes, it’s true!

Engrossing Truths about the CapCut app

CapCut Video Editor was formerly known as the ‘Viamaker’ app. 
CapCut is from Bytedance, the same company that owns TikTok. 

Now, it isn’t tough to imagine why CapCut is a favorite of millions worldwide. It is best known for its versatility and dependability, and we can’t say otherwise. CapCut is the app we all need, but can we download it on a Windows PC? The question we attempt to answer here.

All you need to know about CapCut Download

CapCut is owned by Bytedance, the same company that owns TikTok. The CapCut video editor is used by all users, surpassing millions of downloads from the play store or iOS store. CapCut is loved all over the world when it comes to video editing. But multiple questions arise from different users about Capcut download and usage. Here are your answers to your questions. 

  • How can I download Capcut for Mobile?

To enjoy CapCut video editing application, you can simply download it from the play store or iOS store. If you cannot download it there, you can also download the CapCut apk file and easily install the app. 

  • How can I download Capcut for PC?

You need to know that CapCut has no PC version available in the market, so if you want to use CapCut for PC, you can’t directly download this app from anywhere. But does that mean that you can’t use CapCut on a PC? Absolutely, no. You can download, use, and enjoy a seamless video editing experience.

If you want to enjoy the CapCut video editor on Windows, you first need to install an Android Emulator. If you have never heard about an Android Emulator, it’s a replication software. It allows users to download any android application or games on their PC that they can’t simply use directly. Bluestacks and Nox are some best emulators suitable for Windows and come up with security, reliability, and versatility. We will take you through full details on how to use these emulators but first look up your system requirements to download Capcut for PC. 

But first, let’s know…

System requirements for CapCut download on PC

  1. You need a computer with at least a dual-core processor. If you have one, you are all set to enjoy the seamless features of CapCut.
  2. Now, RAM is the other essential to count on. You need 2GB of RAM available per the Android Emulators requirements. 
  3. Check the free space or the size of the Hard Drive you use, as it requires 20 GB of free space to download Capcut and Emulator package and enjoy a glitch-free experience.
  4. Check on your GPU Driver, whether it is mounted or modified. If not, you must get it done before planning to get CapCut video editor on your PC. 

If your system meets all the requirements, you can proceed ahead to download Android Emulators Bluestacks and Nox, whichever suits you. This will help you to turn your PC into android, and then you can simply install the CapCut application and enjoy your video editing journey.

We are guiding you throughout the process of installing Emulators and Capcut App. Stay with us.

Method 1: CapCut download for PC using Bluestacks Emulator

Proceed with these simple steps to download and install BlueStacks Emulator-

download capcut using bluestacks


  1. Go and download BlueStacks Emulator from the official website 
  2. After installation, open the .exe file, allow the required permissions, and tap on the finish after completion.
  3. The link must be safe to install as it requires safe servers.
  4. Login into the emulator with your Google account or create a new account and password.  

Steps to install CapCut for PC free:

You are done with the first milestone, now you need to begin with the installation of the CapCut app. Following are the required steps to guide you-

  • Step 1:-After setting up your Bluestack account, go to the play store and search for the CapCut app.
  • Step 2:-To start with installation, press the install button next to the CapCut editor logo.
  • Step 3:-Check the Capcut for pc on the home screen of Bluestacks Emulator after successful installation and run it.

This is the easiest way to install CapCut for PC, but if you find Bluestacks a heavy one or non-compatible with your PC, you can go ahead with Nox Emulator. Here are the steps that you can follow.

Method 2: CapCut download for PC using Nox Emulator


Nox emulator is the best emulator for PC to deal with. The following steps will help you to install and enjoy Capcut App for PC.

  1. Go to the official website, and download the emulator extension from the link present. 
  2. Double click on the .exe file and install the emulator. 
  3. Open the Nox emulator, accept all the terms & conditions, and complete your login with Google or create a new account to proceed. 

This starts the installation process of the Nox emulator. Now it’s your turn to download the CapCut app; it’s the last milestone to finish with the installation of the CapCut app.

  • Step 1-Go to the desktop, and open the emulator.
  • Step 2-Now set up the Google play store on the emulator.
  • Step 3-Using the search tab, search for Capcut editor for PC.
  • Step 4-Click on the Install or download button, and it will be saved to the downloads.
  • Step 5-Now check on the home screen of Nox Emulator, and you can shift Capcut App from downloads to the home screen. 

Your Capcut App for PC is ready to use; open the app, set up your account, and start editing your video.

Method 3: CapCut download for PC using Apk

If somehow, you cannot download and use Capcut App from the play store, you can surely try efficiently downloading the Capcut Apk. These steps will indeed work for you-

  • Step1-Search for Capcut Apk on a reliable search engine and save the file on your PC. 
  • Step2-Run any emulators you have installed on your PC using the abovementioned process.
  • Step3-Drag the Capcut Apk from the download section to the emulator, and the app will automatically start to install; wait to finish the installation. This app will be now visible on your emulator home screen.
  • Step4-Open and enjoy video editing.

These easy steps allow you to install and use Capcut on a PC.

CapCut Alternatives you can use

Video editing makes content more appealing on social media these days. People tend to make videos and edit them later to make them a reason to hit like and share. Since Capcut stands out among its competitors for its simple and user-friendly interface, still, some people can’t use Capcut due to some of the system errors they face. But that doesn’t stop them from using other similar video editors. We have listed some of the usable Capcut app alternatives. 

  • Funimate: Funimate is one of the best video editors and counts a near-block competition of CapCut. Since a massive amount of videos are uploaded on social media daily, it makes it a tough deal to stand out yours. But with Funimate, you can edit your video to make it stand out; since it doesn’t have as many features as Capcut video editor, you can make a smooth edit with some of the available features. With some swipes and touch-ups, you can make your video content ready to shine.
  • Flexclip: Flexclip is one alternative to Capcut that is easy to use and has similar features that you need to edit a video. With Flexclip, apply to trim, flip, filter, split, add stickers, overlay texts, or transitions; this makes it possible like the CapCut app. Turn your videos into more intuitive and versatile ones without losing the quality with the amazing editing tools in this application that can easily work on Windows and mobile phones. 
  • GoCut: The close competitor of Capcut makes it a good video editing app as it contains broad features and makes your videos worth enjoying. You can use stunning effects of your niche, making high-quality videos simple and inexpensive. GoCut is widely popular among video editors.

It’s all the credit to technology that today’s smartphones have these multiple-featured cameras that allow video filming so easily, but making videos doesn’t define the end story. You need to use a video editing app to make it one to see and enjoy to the fullest.



So, are you still waiting? Get your mobiles and windows on and download this smart Capcut video editor to make your videos go viral. We have enveloped all the vital information needed to install and use the Capcut app for PC. Leave a comment below if you have any other questions regarding Capcut App or Capcut Apk. We will surely answer these to allow you to enjoy a seamless experience. 

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