How to Do Slow Mo on CapCut?

If you are looking for the best video editing application, you will need help to beat CapCut, the power pack. Capcut offers various editing effects, including 3D effects, multiple filters, and sound effects, and the slow-motion effect is one of the highly demanded editing effects. You can see slow-motion videos almost everywhere ruling the world. These slow-motion videos are the most popular ones on TikTok or Instagram.


Slow-mo video effect slows down the speed of your whole video or a part of the video. This blog will guide you on how to do slow-mo on Capcut on Android or iPhone. You can add slow motion to the video part to make it eye-catchy.

What is the CapCut video editing app?

CapCut is a free-to-use mobile video editing app on iOS and Android platforms. CapCut allows users to edit and create videos with features such as trimming, splicing, adding music, and special effects. We are enthusiastic to announce that you can also add all slow mo to video to make high-quality slow-motion videos. Famous influencers and professional video editors use this application to make quality videos; hence, it has gained wide popularity in the last few years. 

With the slow-mo video effect, you can convert a messy video into a professional one by adding some motion in different places and some light or sound effects. CapCut allows you to add slow-mo to video free. You can emphasize the dancing step, show a vital action to focus on, or critically emphasize any significant event. The following steps will guide you on how to do slow mo on CapCut. 

How to add Slow Motion to Video using CapCut?

The following tutorial guides you on how to do slow mo on CapCut using an android or iOS. These are the most manageable steps explained. To learn how to add slow motion to video on a PC or windows, refer to this link.

  1. Download the CapCut app: Begin with adding slow mo to the video; you first need to install CapCut application. To do the same, you can refer to this blog which will provide you with the easiest method to download and get started with CapCut application.
  2. Create a new project in CapCut: Launch the CapCut application on your phone. You can click the New Project on the home screen to start a new video editing project.
  3. Add any video to CapCut to edit: Select any video from the gallery and click on the “add” button in the extreme right corner.
  4. Remove the background music from the video: If you want to add slow-mo to the video, then the music of the video will also slow down. Before starting to add slow motion to the video, remove the sound. To remove the sound, go to volume and drag the slider to 0.
  5. Change the speed: Hit the “speed” button on CapCut editing screen, and then click on the “normal” button to adjust the video speed. Select the “slow down to the entire video”. If you want to highlight certain parts of the video, you need to go to the “curve” option available.
  6. Customize the speed curve to add slow mo to video in major parts:  You will 5 beats on the customizer option screen. These are the speed curves. You need to drag or move down to slow down the speed of a major part. You can also adjust the horizontal position of the beat; this helps you to decide which part you need to add slow-mo to the video.

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When you are done with adding slow-mo to video as per your requirement, you can tap on “preview” to see the video output. If this is your desired result, save the video to the gallery and share it with your friends or followers on different social media platforms.


Hence, you must have got your answer to how to do slow-mo on Capcut. Share this innovative information with your friends who love to create different types of engaging content. If you have any queries or concerns, leave a comment below, and we will come up with the best solution possible.

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