How to Make a Velocity Edit on CapCut?

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CapCut video editor is your one-stop solution for all kinds of video editing styles and requirements available for Android and iOS users. Velocity editing is another famous feature that makes CapCut everyone’s favorite video editing application. Developed by ByteDance, CapCut is the first choice of velocity editing for Instagram reel makers and influencers to create fun & exciting videos. This blog will help you understand velocity editing and how to make a velocity edit on CapCut.

What is Velocity Editor?

Velocity editing is a more interactive video editing feature available on the CapCut video editor that allows editing a particular part of the video to slow up or slow down simultaneously. These videos are called “velocity videos.” 

Do you know that CapCut allows you to make velocity videos? We are here to guide you through the process if you have yet to learn. 

Guide on How to do Velocity on CapCut:

Making velocity videos on CapCut is easy and fun. Here are the steps you need to follow to do a velocity edit on CapCut. Let’s see how to use it-

Step 1: Open CapCut Video Editing App

To start with the velocity editing app, launch CapCut on your mobile phone or iOS. If you do not have the app, you can download it from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Once downloaded, launch the CapCut app.

Step 2: Add a video to edit on CapCut

Click on the “New project” button on the left place to create a new video editing project. Tap “Add” at the bottom of your screen to add a video from your gallery that you want to do velocity on CapCut. 


Step 3: Tap on the Edit Button

You will find the “edit” option at the screen’s bottom-left corner to start, or you can simply touch the video’s timeline. You will see various video edit options, but you need to hit the “speed” button. 


Here, you will find two editing options to edit velocity on CapCut; the first one is- “Normal,” and the second one is- “Curve.”

Step 4: Tap on the “Curve”

To make smooth velocity edit videos, choose the “Curve” option. You will see options like “Montage, Hero, Bullet, Jump Cut, Flash In, and Flash Out” available to make velocity videos. 

Tap on Speed and choose Curve

But you need to select the “customizable” way to continue. So hit the “customize” button. Tap on it again to access the beats.

Choose Custom and tap on it again to access the beats

Step 5: Adjust the speed

You will see 5 beats at the same distance; your video is divided into 5 equal parts. You need to pick and hold any beat and drag it up or down to speed or slow a section. 

While moving upward, the speed of the video part will increase, and while you drag the beat downwards, the speed of the video will slow down.

Adjust the speed the way you like

You can hit “add beat” to add more frequent velocity beats and adjust the speed per your requirements.

Or you can delete the beats if you wish to remove them. Just hold the beat and tap on the “delete beat” option.

Step 6: Apply the effects

When you adjust the velocity, click on the “tick” icon in the lower right of the screen to apply the velocity effects. All your effects and changes will be saved.

apply the effects

Now you are ready to share the video on TikTok, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram, or click on the “Export” icon in the top right corner to save the video to the gallery.

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Final Words:

The CapCut velocity editor allows video editors to make high-quality professional velocity videos in the earliest and easiest way possible. The above steps are the smoothest to explain how to do velocity on CapCut. Now enjoy velocity edit videos on CapCut. If you need answers to any questions, leave a comment below.

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